Welcome to Park Montessori.

Fiona kinch founded Park Montessori in 1994. Fiona has been sharing her love of the Montessori Method with young children ever since. Fiona has a wide range of interests both involvement in the local community and in sport. Fiona is a keen tennis player. She also enjoys exploring nature with her dog and bringing back her discoveries to the children for the nature table!

The school is located in Mount Eagle Park, Leopardstown Heights,  D18 N265. We are directly opposite the Glencairn Luas stop. The building is bright and airy and devoted to meeting the care and educational needs of small children.

In 2013, a garden designer was employed to create a ‘natural garden’ for the children to explore and enjoy. This has been a wonderful addition to our school. The garden has designed to include a bamboo tunnel and slopes to run up and down! Hiding places to hide from your friends! This garden has tree trunks and stepping stones for balance. The garden has a ‘fruit forest’ in which we grow many types of fruit; such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb. There are also many apple and pear trees. The interaction of the children with nature in the garden is wonderful to behold whether it is the discovery of the first fruit in spring or using our enormous rhubarb leaves as umbrellas! The children are constantly making fun new discoveries within our outside space which is designed to cope with our damp climate!