Mission Statement

We at Park Montessori School, strive to create a loving and caring environment which is child centred. We aim to enhance the quality of children’s lives, that they may become motivated, well-rounded individuals. Self-respect and respect for others is one of our main principles within our school.


The School

Park Montessori was established in Leopardstown, Dublin, in 1994 by Fiona Kinch (AMI Dip. Ed.) to provide a high standard of education for the very young child in a small community where the young child in respected as a unique person with individual talents. Fiona has a level 8 BAhons in Early Childhood Studies & Practice from NUI Galway and trained as a LINC (an inclusion Coordinator) from MIC Limerick. Fiona Kinch has also sat on both AMI(Association Montessori Internationale) National board and IMEB (Irish Montessori Education Board) and is well respected with her fellow Montessorians within Ireland. 



Park Montessori is accredited by both Irish Montessori Education Board and Association of AMI teachers Ireland. This is the highest accreditation for Montessori Schools within Ireland.

Parental Involvement

We commit to communicate on a regular basis with parents and ensure that staff members are available to discuss with a parent any issue they may have with the education/service provided by the school. Parents will be offered information on parenting courses, events and other areas of potential interest.


Each parent provides a small healthy packed snack for their child. Parents should help to encourage their children to eat nutritious food. The school discourages the intake of foods high in fat, sugar, salt and unnecessary additives and therefore sweets/crisps and fizzy drinks are not permitted as part of the child’s snack.

Settling in your Child

It is the policy of park Montessori that every effort is made to ensure that the settling in period as easy and pleasant as possible for the children and their parents/guardians. Each parent is encouraged to drop into the school with their child before the child starts so the child can become familiar with the school and the staff. Stay super positive about school with your child. If you are anxious your child will sense it. At the end of the day take time to chat to your child about school and all their new experiences it is a lovely way to spend quality time with your child.


The school is involved in The Irish Sports Council Buntus programme. This programme is designed for children of 3-5 years and is primarily concerned with the Physical development Area of learning through games and sports skills. These activities focus on spatial awareness, basic motor skills and co-ordination activities. This programme encourages team building. It also provides challenging physical games for both girls and boys.