“The Park Montessori has been a home away from home for our Bláthín! She literally skips in every morning and comes running out with a huge smile and a big hug excited to share all her news about her wonderful day at Montessori!

Fiona is very dedicated and experienced and together with Cristíona, adopts a very kind and caring approach to create a positive, stimulating and fun environment for all the children to learn and thrive, and to develop at their own pace.

Between the enriching classroom setting and the amazing outdoor garden, Bláthín has had such a variety of learning experiences, and Fiona has inspired a real love of nature in her and indeed in our whole family now! We can’t pass a conker or a leaf now without careful examination! We all enjoy seeing the array of lovely artwork that comes home every day and hearing all about what they have learned! It’s wonderful to see the progress in learning being made every day.

She has made lots of lovely friendships there and I feel it has really prepared her well for life in big school and nurtured her independence and confidence. A huge thank you to Fiona and Cristíona, Bláthín has been a very lucky girl to have had such a wonderful start at The Park!”

Joanne K